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The welfare of each is bound up in the welfare of all.

The publication of the Guidelines on welfare management of workers is the outcome of a demand from the ADNOC group of companies and in relation to the legal obligations and responsibilities that have been placed on contractors. This demand, combined with the recognition that workplace safety, health and welfare needs to be managed and can be integrated into the workplace, was at the core of the development of this plan.







These Guidelines do not place any additional responsibilities that are not already in legislation or part of the UAE labor law. These mechanisms are directed to the board of management at MET and other duty holders in the site of work; on ways of fulfilling their legal obligation to manage safety, health and welfare.



Guidelines discussed in this document should be read and used in a way that is consistent with other relevant legislation and publications from UAE Ministry of Labor and other government departments and agencies that issue circulars, codes of practice and guidance documents. MET’s  Planning and procedures for managing safety, health and welfare, working hours, wages, overtime, leaves and rest days strictly confirms with the UAE labor law.



This document and it’s guidelines on welfare management have been inspired by the ADNOC Code of Practices (COP) on Food & Water Safety and Welfare.


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